Local Government workers have faced a 13% pay cut over the last three years

Unison has reported that, after taking into account inflation, the pay freeze has meant that we in local government have faced a 13% real-terms pay cut over the last 3 years. This disproves the ‘divide and rule’ myth peddled by some commentators that local government workers are enjoying ‘gold plated’ terms and conditions while those in the private sector do not.

In fact, both public sector and private sector workers have suffered from pay freezes or below-inflation pay rises. We must not be taken in by the divide-and-rule tactics of some right-wing commentators, lobbyists and politicians who want to turn public and private sector workers against one another.

Workers in both sectors have faced the same difficulties, and all need to work together – through trade unions and collective bargaining – to get a better deal from employers.

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