1 million strike on J10 – next day of action set for 14th October

j10Camden UNISON has produced a special two-page mini issue about the July 10 strike of 1 million public sector workers which you can download and print below. Also, UNISON nationally has announced that the next day of strike action will be 14th October so please put it in your diary, talk to colleagues about it and encourage non-members to join! Continue reading

Camden UNISON prevents dismissal of around 60 school workers

SwissCamden UNISON has successfully persuaded management to suspend the threat of dismissal notices to dozens of workers at Swiss Cottage school which were due to be issued in August. Continue reading

Camden UNISON wins annual leave backpay for another casual worker

catCamden UNISON has won a four-figure settlement for a casual  worker member in the integrated youth support service. Continue reading

NJC Pay Dispute: Enough is enough (and 1% isn’t!)

The Government boasts regularly that an economic recovery is in full swing.  Corporate profits are up along with bosses’ pay and share packages outpacing inflation several times over.  But workers generally and especially in local government are not seeing the fruits of this supposed recovery.  The majority of Camden Council workers have seen the real value of their pay fall by as much as 20% since 2009. Continue reading

Privatised Doncaster care workers fight to protect pay, conditions and services

This article in the Observer highlights the important strike that privatised Doncaster care workers who now work for an organisation called Care UK are having to engage in, due to their employers’ insistence on driving down their terms and conditions. Other trade unionists should support them in their struggle.

UNISON defends social worker member disciplined for helping family

Camden UNISON has successfully defended a social worker member with over 30 years experience who was pulled in front of a disciplinary hearing following coming into work outside of standard working hours to support the family of a child who died. Continue reading

Camden UNISON wins further pay rises for social workers

cashCamden UNISON has won pay rises worth around £800 a year, with backdating worth up to around £2400, for at least 12 children’s social workers. Continue reading

Unison to ballot NHS workers over pay

Following the refusual of the government to honour the NHS pay review body’s recommendation for most staff, Unison is to ballot its members in the NHS on industrial action.

The pay review body recommended a 1% pay rise for staff – but the government has not honoured this and, instead, wants to make the 1% rise a non-consolidated one-off payment to those at the top of the pay scale – with no cost-of-living adjustment for those who are at the bottom or middle of the scale.

Tories to rig rules to try to stop J10 happening again

The Conservatives have pledged to put in their next manifesto a requirement for strike ballots to have a turnout of 50% to be valid. Turnout thresholds are not used in public elections here in Britain – and many local councillors and the Police & Crime Commissioners as well as some MPs have been elected on a less than 50% turnout. So it would be inconsistent in the extreme to impose turnout thresholds on independent, non-governmental organisations such as trade unions. It illustrates the anti-union mentality that flows through the Tory hierarchy. Remember – employers can often autocratically make decisions without any form of balloting or consultation and there are very few safeguards against them abusing their powers. Continue reading

Camden UNISON newsletter for Caterlink staff #01

Camden UNISON has produced a new newsletter for Camden Caterlink workers. This issue, from July 2014, has an update from our meeting with management about the living wage pay claim, INSET days, sick pay and holiday pay, other living wage campaigns and more. Continue reading